Car Tax

(Max Walker) #1

So I’ve thought about swapping my car tax over manually and went to check out the DVLA site and saw the following:

Basically what they are saying is that they can’t be bothered or wont change the direct debit. Honestly I’m not particularly happy with risking cancelling then remembering to re-purchase road tax.

Does anyone else think that given the risks involved i.e. forgetting then accidentally not being taxed think this is a bit sketchy?


Put a reminder in your calendar with alerts one month, three weeks, two weeks, one week, two days and one day before when the tax is due.

Then buy it online with new account details.

Yes, it’s less than ideal but it’s not insurmountable.

(Your car can be seized, under DVLA devolved Powers, by the police if you fail to tax it.)

(Tom Warren) #3

You can always use Onedox too :slight_smile:

(Max Walker) #4

I’ve seen a couple of occasions recently where an ANPR equipped police car has seized someones car for lack of tax.

I dunno, I guess my major gripe is that they are just a bit behind with the times, surely its not a massive effort to be able to just update the details

(Bob) #5

I pay my road tax yearly. It’s due for renewal November 1st. Tempted to pay my £20 annual fee in monthly installments :rofl:


I agree, but I do wonder how you managed when you had to go to a post office to buy car tax :thinking:

Alas, there is no monthly option for that. And if there was I’d expect them to charge you £25 for the privilege of paying in instalments. :neutral_face:

(Max Walker) #8

Fortunately for me I was relatively late to the driving game and only got my first car in March 2016


You’ve never had it so good!

(Bob) #10

According to it’s £21 (Total of 12 monthly instalments by Direct Debit)


Wow. Really?

My car is £30 per year and I was sure there was only an annual option.

I stand corrected.

(James Murray-Ferris) #12

My car was only £30 and I didn’t have a monthly option only to pay it all in one go

(Bob) #13

@Johnny @jrmurray86 The link I gave above says that you guys should be able to pay £31.50 over 12 months. I haven’t received my renewal notice yet so cannot confirm if this info is current and correct.

(James Murray-Ferris) #14

It has been 2 years since I’ve paid car tax as I bought a new car before having to renew last year :man_shrugging:


You not paid car tax on the new car?

(James Murray-Ferris) #16

No they paid it for me!

(Drew sanders) #17

I really don’t see this as an issue.
DVLA send out a car tax reminder in post regardless of payment method.
It’s a non issue for me.

(Max Walker) #18

Its not about the renewal its about the lack of facility to change the direct debit without cancelling it and then having to re-purchase on a specific day.

(Drew sanders) #19

So using a full switch service is the one way to guarantee this?
Again If you can settle balance with the card I don’t see it as an issue.

(Max Walker) #20

But CASS doesn’t work yet :frowning:


It’s a DVLA issue rather than a Monzo issue as far as I can tell. It’s not a major issue if you know how to work a diary.

File under ‘mild inconvenience but I’ll get over it’