Direct debit bug

I set up a direct debit to pay the dvla for my road tax. I set it up in july, i think, and it all came out in one go at the start of august with no problem. But when I click on Payments/Scheduled I can see that it says “expected on tuesday 1st october” and clicking on the entry it says “repeats every month”. Well, no - it should repeat every year. It didn’t take any money in september so I suspect it will not, in fact, take another £200 in a couple of weeks. But…perhaps the app can be fixed to correct that. Maybe it should say “repeats every year” and have the correct date (1st august 2020)?

If you tap on the ‘repeats every…’ text you can change it to what you like :slight_smile::+1:

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Um…ok, so it just changes what I see? It doesn’t alter the amount?

A bit unintuitive - other fields on that page have the same bold title…less bold value formatting but I can’t change them.

Thanks, though. I think I’ll leave it. And the “expected 1st oct” is still a bug!

It doesn’t change the amount, just the expected schedule. It’s handy to do this so your left-to-spend amount is accurate, for example.
I think it just defaults to monthly as this is probably the most common timing.

I wish I could turn off/hide all that pots/left to spend/you are running out stuff. It’s very annoying. I’m not running out, this is my second account and I transfer money in as and when I need to.

Direct debits don’t provide a frequency to Monzo (as far as I’m aware). Monzo essentially have to guess it as far as I know