Car tax Direct debit

Anyone else had this guys? (Sorry its late😑). Already paid my 1st car tax on the 29/11. Now I’m getting another payment out in 2 days time! Is this just the way it is? I set up for one month payment for the next year.

seems like its taken on the first working day of the month

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Is it a new car to you that you’ve taxed? If so, you’ve paid for all of November and your next payment on Monday will be for December.

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Oh…so it’s a month in arrears? Just got the car last month, so now it makes sense.

Cheers for help all👍


I’m not allowed to pay by direct debit because I had a couple bounce in the past :no_mouth: but if i remember rightly, they take payment on the first of the month, and if you sign up after that you’ll get the current months payment for the current month fairly soon after you sign up and then it’s from the the 1st of the month after that, so you can get the first two quite close together.

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It’s always on next working days if 1st of the month falls on a non working day.


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