Can't add multiple Amex accounts to Monzo

I have two American Express credit cards, a normal one in GBP that I use for purchases inside the UK and a Euro ICC (International Currency Card) card that I use when I travel abroad. The two cards are both in my name but use different user accounts (and even have two separate apps on my phone). I can successfully add one or the other to Monzo Plus, but when I try to add both of them, the other one is replaced with the newly added one… So basically I cannot have the two of them at the same time registered inside Monzo, but only one at a time which is shame.

Is it possible to add two distinct Amex accounts to Monzo?

Details to reproduce:
Android 13
Google Pixel 7 Pro
App Version:

I didn’t even know you could have two different Amex accounts! My two cards are both on the same account and same app.

What is the second app you have?

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The Amex ICC app:

They used to have a fairly decent ICC offer with the different card tiers (Baisc-Green-Gold-Plat) but last time I looked it was either significantly reduced offering or just not available at all sadly they’ve now withdrawn the product for new applicants.

Otherwise normal Amex cards just use the same app that you know and while it’s possible to have multiple customer profiles you can’t have more than one app/login on your phone.


It’s not just Amex:


Ok so it is just not possible at the moment, thanks for the answers. I don’t know why Amex wouldn’t let me add the ICC card to the same original account of mine but wanted me to create a separate user profile, it’s as if these international currency cards are managed separately somehow. It’s not even an actual credit card, but a charge card without limits, that you need to pay back in full each month.

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That’s because they’re a completely separate product to their usual offering!

To be fair you can have two Amex’s, just not from different accounts. I have both my Amex’s on Monzo.

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But is it the same user account? Assume you can only have a single OB connection per service.

You can have multiple Amex cards on the same user account as long as they’re GBP cards. Then you can add those multiple cards to your Monzo via a single OB connection

If you have an ICC or multiple cards registered to multiple accounts, then it’s only one


Yeah I know that… I’ve got 3… was just checking that @coffeemadman was via a single account.

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Yeah they are from the same account:

But show as two different cards on Monzo.

I’m guessing as above it’s fine it’s just one account, one app and multiple cards, but an issue if it’s two different accounts for the same card provider.


I’m seeing something similar where I can only get one starling account to display. If you try and get both the personal and joint one , you only get the last one you authorised.

It’s strange as Lloyds display other accounts (with much less solidification) but it displays both.

When you add your starling account, can’t you select them all instead of one at a time.

The issue is having multiple OB connections Monzo doesn’t like for the same provider. for example I have my NatWest account linked and it’s displaying all 5 accounts.

No, on Starling each account is treated like a separate entity. So when connecting you have to flip between the individual and joint account.

Monzo seems to only remember the last account selected but other banks and Fintechs seem to cope with it.

then thats a design choice by Monzo… it’ll happen until they allow us to have multiple OB connections per provider.

I appreciate that but it’s also something they are charging for, along with other things. If you are paying for a service then you can understand the frustration if you’re paying for something that doesn’t fully work.

Well it does work… Starling have a strange implementation of OB.

The only reason why this thread was open was due to the OP using 2 different apps for the different Amex accounts.

Monzo designed their service as a 1:1. I do however agree they should increase it to allow multiple OB connections; but saying it doesn’t work is unfair