Adding second credit card in Monzo plus removes first one

Adding a second credit card to Monzo plus removes the first credit card. They are both capital one credit cards

Details to reproduce:
Link to a capital one credit card in Monzo app after upgrading to Monzo plus. Then link to a second capital one credit card. The second card will be added but the first card will be removed


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I think you need to add both at the same time. But adding a second shouldn’t remove the first.

When this happened with (IIRC) NatWest there were indications that the issue lies at the other end of the line from :mondo:

Any able to dig that post out to compare with this case?

I remember it being American Express.

The solution was, as you say, at the other end, and that both cards should be selected when asking which card to link to Monzo. That is, going through the flow one time for both instead of two times for each one.

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I have this too. Last time it expired I didn’t renew it as it’s a bit pointless only having one in there. I just went through the process again but you don’t get any option to select two - as soon as you tap one card number it verifies you with Face ID and bounces you back to Monzo. If you try to add the other, it removes the first.

Yeah there is no mechanism to add two cards at once in the cap1 app. It asks you to select an account. There is no way to select two accounts.

They are two seperate accounts. They are not 2 cards on the same account

This is the key part! - The “other end” issue makes sense if it’s 2 cards on one account, but when you’ve got 2 accounts with the same provider (such as one capital one card and one ocean finance card), you have to go through the add card process twice as it’s 2 completely separate accounts, and adding the second just overwrites the first.

This looks like a Monzo issue to me. The app just can’t seem to handle 2 cards from the same provider.

This has (since introduction) always been an issue unique to Capital 1 cards. I’ve been away for a while so it’s possibly expanded as other banks have changed their back-end software.