✅ Adding AMEX to Monzo

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if I would be able to add my Amex card into Monzo soon?

Thank you


It doesn’t seem likely. Monzo haven’t announced it, and as far as I know, none of the other banks have yet delivered this functionality, which leads me to believe that Amex aren’t quite ready at their end.

Amex have released open banking API. Other aggregators are using it.

But it doesn’t use UK open banking standards (unlike most others), so more work to integrate.

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Revolut have integrated Amex, hopefully Monzo soon?

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I’m quite looking forward to this also. I hope they figure out a way to add it, it will be incredibly useful.

A lot of people will be jumping into it when Amex is added. Even though I am a plus user I am waiting for the day when Amex will be available


Hello! I’ve got an update for you:


My question from above has been finally answered . Haha