Adding Multiple Cards to Monzo (Could be a premium feature) Essentially Curve


I have just reduced my wallet to a phone wallet which only really holds a few cards and since I have monzo premium I would like to use that card as it is mental, however what would intice me to go over to curve metal would be that I only need one card, is there anyway monzo could add this in?


Use Apple or Google Pay?


Hi @RandomEDP & welcome :wave:

My use of the physical white card isn’t much, but the features attached to it are insane :rofl:

As @robsug suggests, Apple/Google Pay is the way to go. Even with Virtual Cards.

There’s no money in it, which is what Curve is only now discovering.


But if your business model is subscription revenue, and you wanted to tie it in with open banking, then this sort of thing might sit well in Plus/Premium. :man_shrugging:


With Amex support :pray:

So bored of people cackling “oH wE dOn’T aCcEpT aMeRiCaN eXpReSs!”.

I think there’s something in the ability to use your Monzo card to pay for a transaction from a linked account (for example, if you had another non Monzo account for some reason), that might be a cool addition, one day.

But, as others have said, there’s such a small use case for this which is what will (eventually) do Curve in I reckon. What with apple/google pay and all of that.