Connected Accounts: what next? (Summer 2021 edition)

Same happened with my connection to Sainsbury’s in Emma and I’d only just renewed it a couple of days before. Looks like it was a problem at Sainsbury’s end.

Sainsbury’s Bank expired again this evening after renewing it a few days ago.

Ditto. @tjvr :thinking::man_shrugging:t2:

Also expired in Emma, so clearly a Sainsbury’s Bank issue.

Will these new accounts come with the Move Money feature eventually? And if so will the move to Joint account be fixed? Thanks

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I’ve just discovered a Connected Accounts issue, albeit an edge case:

You can only connect one credit card from a provider.

I’ve just tried connecting my rarely-used Barclaycard credit card - connected OK. I then tried connecting MrsW’s rarely-used Barclaycard and that connected OK too, but it took the place of my Barclaycard in the list of Connected Accounts. Connected mine again and it took the place of MrsW’s Barclaycard.

So it seems only one card from a provider can be displayed :cry:

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We aren’t able to do an Easy Transfer from a credit card, so this won’t be something we’re able to add.

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Is there the option to do a Transfer to a credit card? So that I can easily pay my credit card from Monzo? :eyes:

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Think that would involve adding in the payment details somewhere including reference number to become possible?

Some apps allow it the other way such as LBG credit cards etc from their apps.

Yea, I know. I’ve used that - but it’d be good to have that through open banking within Monzo :sob:.

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Or if there was a way to manually set it up our side, but then might as well send a faster payment :sweat_smile:

Not that I’m aware of. The last time I looked into this, we don’t get enough information through Open Banking to be able to do this: the best we’d be able to do is let you store the bank transfer details so you can more easily pay your card that way.


Hm, fair. A lot of them use the card number as the reference, and so I’d guess you’d need to get that + know for each card type what the bank details are to transfer. I can set up a payee but it’s just cumbersome & has potential for mistyping! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes good point!

A few new credit card accounts to test connecting.
(Not sure how long that has been an option so could be old news).

That’s been out for a bit now.

I’m hoping for Starling to be added as it’s our joint account :upside_down_face:

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Savings accounts next please or at least manual accounts :pray:

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any plans for Starling @tjvr ?


This :arrow_up: