Monzo app log me out!

Hi my Monzo account log me out and got big error verification failed!z it happen straight away after I send money to my account. Like advised on other chats I try reinstall app but every time when I am try to log in again it failed to verifie my phone number!

Are you definitely using the email address you signed up with?

Yes definitely, correct email address correct phone number. One thing is I am outside UK currently in Africa but still suing UK number

I think a phone number is only requested when signing up for a new account. If you need to put in a phone number, you’re probably in the wrong place.


Make sure you are clicking on login, not sign up.

As far as I know Monzo doesn’t ask you to verify your phone number when logging in, only when setting up a new account. Are you sure you’re pressing the button to log in, as opposed to creating a new account?