Logging In - New Phone

Issue: I have a new phone, I logged out of my old app, tried logging into the new one. I followed the link it sends to email then add mobile number then says phone number already in use.

Tried deleting and re-downloading app and still does the same.

Details to reproduce:
Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max
App Version:


Check the email address you’re using. When the app asks for a mobile number, this is the signup flow, and indicates that you’ve put in a wrong email address.

If you have more than one email account, search your inboxes to see which account has past emails from Monzo.

If you only have one email account, or if you’ve deleted all past emails so you’re unable to figure out the right address that way, you have have to email help@monzo.com to recover your account if cycling through your known email addresses doesn’t work.


Try to login to your :monzo: emergency web-access at web.monzo.com with the email address you *think" you signed up with.

If you can’t login, try a different email address until you can, and that will be the email to use to login to the :monzo: app on your phone.