Can’t find a signal PayPoint to pay money into

I have been to three different PayPoints near me and not one of them knows anything about paying my money into my account.

Ask them to top up the card and give them the cash. Sometimes they get confused when you mention paying cash into a bank.

Try asking them to ‘top up this card’ or use a bank which allows cash deposits in branch or at a Post Office counter.

Or just ask them to swipe the card. Insist they do, and the option will come up on their screen if I’m not mistaken

I try and use the Co-op. They tend to know what they’re doing, and as a national chain I’m less worried about the impact PayPoint has on small retailers.

Well my coop as not got a clue!

I will try that, however am pretty sure they tried it to but had to enter where it was topping up to and Monzo did not come up!

He may have lied/done something wrong. You can do it at any PayPoint, it’s sometimes the wording that confuses people as they are used to topping up for gas/electric, rather than adding money to a bank account.

Make sure they swipe the card using the magnetic strip. it won’t work if they plug the chip into the machine

Pro-tip - Open an account with Starling/legacy bank and pay in at the post office, transfer in


I find it funny we still call them legacy banks when in fact the OP is trying to carry out one of the most basic functions you would expect from a bank account.

You could have just said “literally any other bank”


Yeah, Monzo is the odd one out and I really don’t know why! It charges you £1 per transaction for cash deposits - only thing I can think of is Monzo gets a cut

It kind of reminds me of Easy Jet and Ryan Air except Monzo are not making money which makes me think that they know they can’t afford not to allow people to pay in cash but can’t afford to provide the service.

Some great reply’s but I have literally had the managers of these shops trying to work out!
They do swipe it & try & enter it as top up & Monzo simply doesn’t come up.

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I work in a Co-op. Operator just has to press PayPoint on till screen, swipe card, choose or type payment amount and take your money. One of the most simple PayPoint options going.

I found in past with my old card if magstripe wasn’t great quality it might take more than swipe. I’m guessing that could be why they’re delving in to menu options, as it’ll say unrecognised if it fails to read a card on first attempt.


Ah okay! Thank you! That’s really helpful, maybe that’s what happened.