Paying cash in

Three shops I’ve tried since having monzo 2 years ago said you can’t put money on monzo cards so had to use my legacy bank instead.

Why is this ?

Because shop assistants aren’t properly trained/aren’t familiar with what they can do. Just one of those things sadly


I tried at the post office with monzo and it failed. Then tried my legacy and it worked :thinking:

Post Office don’t do Monzo deposits. You need to go to PayPoint for that

It’s pretty well known on these forums due to a large number of people complaining


You can’t use the Post Office. Monzo is PayPoint only.

As Ndrw says, they just say “we don’t accept Monzo” but if they try it, it will work.

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Fair enough, one was a pay point but he straight up refused to try it.
Ah well one of them things , I can always pay it into my legacy. Not that i pay money in often anyway

Some don’t even know it can be done, every time I go to my local co-op which has a PayPoint, I just tell them to swipe the card, then it comes up with the option to deposit and they go from there, they have no problem after that.


On the rare occasions that I find myself in possession of cash I just tend to spend it… Far easier than faffing about paying it into a bank… :grinning:


Never had a problem paying in cash at a Co op store ! Just ask them to swipe your card on their terminal and Monzo is automatically displayed. They then just key in the amount you’re paying in and give you a receipt. Ten minutes (literally) later the money is in your account minus a £1 charge accompanied by the usual in app sound.

Easy ! :+1:


Never have a problem either - I just use Starling and pay at the post office :slight_smile:


I find that the terminology you use is key, asking to pay something in, or swipe the card normally is met by rejection. Every time I give them the card and say can I top this up with x amount, it usually works straight away


Because Monzo chose not to use the Post Office network and instead went with a solution more akin to a spending card that you top-up.

It’s something I’d imagine Loot trying to do. (Remember them?)

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Paid cash in for the first time today. Asked the lady to swipe the card, which she did and it all went smoothly.


This has always been my philosophy. Came totally unstuck when, in the middle of lockdown, I took a job in a butchers shop (anticipating the inevitability of redundancy) and, because they’re stuck in the 1950’s they paid me in cash for the first month or so.

Did it come in a brown pay packet ? :rofl::joy::rofl:

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