Paying in, Awkward!

So this passed month, I’ve opened an account for me and my partner, Made joint account and done a full switch. Loving Monzo to be honest, my partner didn’t have a clue what we paid out and we’ve been living together for nearly 4 years now. She is all of a sudden clued up and is being much more cautious with our money, good thing considering we have a wedding to pay for.

today i tried paying some cash in that i had around, The women at the co-op paypoint looked at me like i was something she had found in area 51, She had to get the manager out to double check they could do it. She proceeded to press some things on the screen and said she doesn’t want to do it and then charge my account, which got me worried then. luckily it all went well after a much longer than needed awkward interaction, and being looked at like i was going to rob the shop even though i was the one giving them a a wedge of cash in my hand. is there nothing that can be done to make this clearer, shouldn’t they know how to do this if they have the facilities.

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Was it this face?


Hi @Llanrog

I don’t think we have any pointers to these merchants so that they can take a look at how to process cash payments into Monzo, but I’m sure once cashiers know how to do the process once, they should be all good to go for the next time :slightly_smiling_face:

In regards to Co-op, Monzo requires a PayPoint terminal to be able to deposit cash into a Monzo account.

The Monzo card would normally need to be swiped with this PayPoint reader to begin the process, but some Co-op’s don’t have a PayPoint reader capable of card swiping, so in this case, the card will need to swiped to the till that the terminal is attached to.

Most merchants will know the PayPoint process, so it might be a case that this particular branch hasn’t dealt with Monzo cards that much (or cash deposits) :slightly_smiling_face:

I would have thought you should be just like any other Bank that uses PayPoint for their Customers to pay Cash into their Bank Account, No?



Are there any others?

Monese does.

Does Monese work in the same way?

Not sure , from their site

Using PayPoint to top-up

Just ask to use PayPoint to load your Monese debit card at the counter, then present your Monese card and the cash you wish to top-up.

Monese isn’t a bank…

I’m sure I’ve said this before in the other thread about it but there’s two types of PayPoint which causes issues.

The one where it’s a physical terminal the card can just be swiped - no issue. No need to press anything first.

The other type is where it’s built into the till system and swiping the Monzo card will just make the till think you’re swiping a payment card and cause an error. The shop worker would need to load up PayPal first to get it to work (they’re not used to doing this as the vast majority of cards they swipe with PayPoint are not also debit cards and don’t cause an issue)


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