Can’t connect Monzo to IFTTT


I’ve already contacted Monzo directly who have said to go to IFTTT for support. I’ve attempted to do so but with no joy so thought I’d try here.

I’m basically stuck in a loop of logging in to one and then the other without it ever connecting if anyone can help at all?

I’m logging in to IFTTT successfully then trying to add any Monzo applet where it tells me I need to connect to Monzo. I receive the Monzo email, log in there and then it takes me back to logging in to IFTTT. When I login to IFTTT it asks me to connect to Monzo and the cycle repeats.

I’ve taken a screen recording but I can’t seem to upload it on here but can send to give more clarity about my issue

Is this a Monzo Personal Account or a Monzo Joint Account?

Hi David, it’s a personal one

Are you definitely using the same email for both?

No I’m not, I’m assuming that’s the issue? Wouldn’t have thought it would need to be as I have to login to both anyway so didn’t think to try making a new IFTTT account using my other email address :unamused:

It’s been a while since I set it up, but I have a nagging feeling they do have to be the same. Sure someone will be around to tell us otherwise if this isn’t the case!

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The IFTTT screen, during sign up, requests you use the same email as your Monzo email.

Also, when you receive the email from IFTTT, are you clicking on the ‘Log in to Monzo’ button on your phone? You need to do this on your phone, not a desktop/tablet browser.

EDIT: to clarify - You can have any email address to open a new account on IFTTT - it doesn’t have to be the same as the email you used for Monzo. But when you are LINKING IFTTT to the Monzo service, the email used at that sign-up stage must be the email you are using for your Monzo account.


Hi David, I’m doing everything as you suggest and it isn’t working.

It’s this screen I need to use the same email as I use for Monzo, right?


That’s correct.

Just in case something is broken, I just de-linked IFTTT from my Monzo account and then went through the process of linking them again to see if it worked or not. It worked.

It’s still not working. I’ve now made a second IFTTT account using the same email address as I use for Monzo and it’s the same problem :woman_shrugging:t3:

In IFTTT go to ‘Services’ and search for ‘Monzo’
Click/tap on the Monzo logo/icon
You should see this displayed;

Click on the settings to the upper-right of this display
You should see the settings for the Monzo service - can you see ‘Disconnect Monzo’ in red at the bottom? If you can, IFTTT thinks you have a good connection.

Next - check your Monzo app;
Go to Profile > Settings > Apps/Manage Apps
Is IFTTT listed in the Manage Apps display?

If it is, you are connected.

At this stage, it may be worth disconnecting the IFTTT link in the Monzo app and also disconnecting the link in the IFTTT account(s) and starting from scratch.

I’ve checked both IFTTT and Monzo and no mention of the other in the settings pages of either one :woman_shrugging:t3:

Can I send you a screen recording of what I’m doing as I assume I’m cocking it up somewhere?

Happy to watch. It probably will help. We may be using different platforms and so terminology differences creep in…

As per Monzo’s advice I’ve reinstalled the Monzo app and now I can’t get into that either. FFS :weary:

you’re not by any chance clicking on old Monzo magic links ? to log in

No but I can get back into the Monzo app magically so I’m back to square one at least

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My mate had this problem too. I don’t think I could figure out what the problem was :confused:

He’s on Samsung Android and you’re on iOS from what I can tell, so I guess it rules out the OS.

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I’ve figured out how to raise a support ticket with IFTTT so hopefully they can figure it out for me.

So far I’ve tried using the same email address throughout, deleting and reinstalling both Monzo and IFTTT app as well as starting the IFTTT on a computer and doing the Monzo part on my phone but no joy.

Did anyone else have an existing IFTTT account? Maybe it’s that?

Mine was existing. Can you not also do the Monzo bit on your computer too? I can’t recall it actually requires the Monzo app to grant IFTTT access?

Can you send me the video?

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