✅ [iOS] Now can't get into my Monzo account

This is a good one. I started a chat because IFTTT stopped working. On the advice in the Monzo Chat, I deleted my Monzo app and reinstalled it but it doesn’t work because it won’t recognise my phone.

I am currently running an iphone under IOS 12.1.4. I can’t tell you the App version as I can’t open it but it must the be the latest as it has just come off the App Store.

I have attached screenshots.

It looks like you’ve selected the option to sign-up as a new customer instead of logging in to your existing account. Also you might want to remove the personal data in those screenshots!


i allso agree, after you enter email if its the same as on your account,
next it will send magic link to your email for you to click
and thats how you sign in

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Another person here jumping in to say you’re signing up not logging in :see_no_evil: You’re therefore getting that error because your number is already associated with an account.

Also you should remove your mobile number ASAP. :blush:

As the other comments state it seems you’ve entered the wrong email when logging into monzo and thus it thinks you’re setting up a new account. Make sure you’re entering the correct email upon login.

Hey @johnquirke2000,

As has been suggested this is probably due to using the wrong email address by mistake :see_no_evil:

If you’re still having issues please feel free to ping us an email via help@monzo.com and we can take a look for you!

I’ve removed your first screenshot as it had your phone number in it :+1:


Thanks Greg, I had used the wrong email address. Have a great weekend

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Thanks Ordog. It was the email. Have a great weekend

Thanks Jack. That side of it is working now. Just need to get ifttt up and running.


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Thanks Hugh and thanks for removing the screenshot