IFTTT for multiple Monzo accounts

I use YNAB budgeting software which also has an API. I set up an IFTTT applet to push Monzo card transactions to YNAB. It works great and I like that I have more control over exactly what it does than using something like TrueLayer.

I also have a joint Monzo account that I would like to push transactions (card purchases) from using IFTTT. But I’ve never managed to get it working.

The issue I have is that, after creating the IFTTT applet for Monzo -> YNAB and connecting it for the first time it asked me to authenticate with Monzo which I did just fine and selected my personal account.

Now when I try to connect the second applet to push transactions from my joint account, it never asks me to authenticate. It just connects. Thus my SOLO account card transactions trigger this applet. I’m never able to specify I want my JOINT transactions to trigger the applet.

How can I tell IFTTT to listen for a different account if it always automatically assumes the settings I previously added?

There is no connection for IFTTT to joint accounts. Only personal accounts. Just like you have a monzo.me address for your personal, but no similar option for the joint account.


As above :point_up_2:

That being said IFTTT was due to yet some tlc before the pandemic and joint account support was mentioned. So watch this space :eyes:

Hi Fran,

Short answer - you can’t. Because IFTTT/Monzo don’t support Monzo Joint accounts (yet)

But I do have both Monzo Personal account transactions (not really used) and my/our Joint account transactions (used too much) automatically pushed to my YNAB set-up - but not using IFTTT

It’s not particularly easy, but possible, using the brilliant instructions kindly posted by @BritishLibrary - Automatically import transactions to YNAB

Works really well.

And as @Ordog points out, some recent work on Joint account integration with IFTTT may eventually result in a simpler way to interact with Monzo & YNAB moving forward :crossed_fingers:

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Yep it looks a bit daunting but a lot of that is just because there are so many fields and IDs with weird names floating about.

Once it’s set up you can basically forget about it!

The guy who developed the integration also turned it into a paid for service (syncforynab.com) which I used for a while and is far easier to set up, but does of course cost real £.

Please shout if you want any help with the process!

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