IFTTT: triggers & permissions

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I’ve set up an online invoicing system and would like to link it to my Monzo business account to automatically record payments received against invoices with matching reference numbers.
I understand IFTTT is designed to do this, but I can’t seem to see how to create a new trigger. The existing triggers are only for money out.

Also, when I linked IFTTT to Monzo, it asked for all kinds of permissions, including making payments. How can I remove some of these permissions? (This kind of action is available for all apps on Android, for example.) I would only like to have IFTTT access to read data from my account, but not write it. Even with a secure password, it’s too much of a risk. Imagine the day when IFTTT gets hacked.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Dax Liniere.

No answer re the first part of your post.

But re the permissions, the IFTTT connection only has the power to move money in and out of pots. See the ‘what actions’ section here: Monzo – IFTTT

So even if hacked, the worst that could happen is your money being shuffled around inside your account.

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Can you use the Monzo API to register a web hook on your business account for transactions?

I may be wrong, but I think the only “actions” generated by Monzo itself were card spends, not money moving to/from the account.

As far as I know the IFTTT integration can only link to your personal account too - so this type of set up sounds too complicated for what IFTTT can achieve.

Oh dear, really? No business account integration and only reacts to card spends? What happened to “Monzo works better with IFTTT” ?
Seems like Monzo’s IFFT integration is a novelty rather than a serious feature. I love Monzo and Monzo Business, but ‘save £1 when it rains’? Who needs this? Seems like the time would have been better spent integrating useful tools for business accounts.

Regarding permissions, I can confirm these are the permissions requested by IFTTT, so yes, you are right that little actual loss could occur (but imagine freezing someone’s card every 5 minutes :wink: ).

Please bear in mind that IFTTT will be able to…

  • See your pots, and their balances
  • Move money into and out of pots
  • Add notes to your transactions
  • Change the category of your transactions
  • See your transactions
  • Put feed items into your Monzo feed
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card
  • See receipts you attach to your transactions
  • See your name
  • See your account balance
  • See your list of accounts
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Thanks for the tip, Michael. I’m not a web developer, so was hoping IFTTT would be the straight-forward solution that it seems to be ‘on the packet.’
Can you tell me a little more about the web hooks you mentioned, please? I’d love to know where to start looking for this.

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Here you go: https://docs.monzo.com/

haha, thanks Ordog. You’ve basically said “Here’s an encyclopedia containing everything about all forms of integration with Monzo.” I have read the section on webhooks, but am no further enlightened on how or where to actually set this up with Monzo.

Yeah it’s the developers documentation for using their api - apologies I’ve just read that you don’t have any programming experience so it will likely be too advanced for you.

For this reason you’re not going to find a beginners guide for creating exactly that you want.

It absolutely is but it has some good uses. It’s most commonly used for the savings challenges which have helped lots of people (myself included) save money that they thought wasn’t possible on their personal accounts.

This isn’t promoted and to my knowledge not supported on business accounts

Hey @Ordog,
Thankyou. I’m pretty resourceful (I’m an engineer), just need to be set on the right path. :slight_smile:

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