Card won’t add to Apple Pay even after pressing verify button

Got a new phone and can’t verify card in Monzo. Every time I try it says “sorry about this. Something’s gone wrong, bu we’re not sure what. Please try again in a few minutes.” And I have been doing this for a few days and it won’t work. I deleted my card and closed the app and opened it again and it says the same thing? I also try to retrieve my card number when the card was added and got similar messages! What’s wrong? Why can’t I add my card to Apple Pay?

Have you tried deleting the app & reinstalling it?

If it’s a new phone, you may need to reverify your identity as well to ensure it is you using the phone. Also delete any pending Monzo cards in Apple Pay & try again after deleting/reinstalling the app :+1:

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Try adding via Apple Wallet instead.

I finally got in by reinstalling the app, verifying my identity with a short video and then using the app to verify my card in the Apple Pay wallet. Only Monzo gave me this problem. Other cards were fine.

Similar solution for me. Multiple reinstalls did nothing but started working again after these 3 actions (not sure which one made a difference!)

  1. Reinstalled Monzo and ensured that “Authenticate with Face ID” was disabled
  2. Opened Apple Wallet, clicked “+” and removed Monzo from “Previous Cards”
  3. Account was locked so I had to verify my identity with a short video

I then added the card from the Apple Wallet app itself (rather than adding it via the Monzo app) and finally it worked.