Can’t add Apple Pay

New to Monzo. The app ‘can’t retrieve my card’ and advises me to try later. I’m overseas on a British VPN, I wondered if that might be the issue? Any advice welcome. Thanks

Can you try without the VPN?

Also there should be a button inside monzo by the card tab to add it straight to Apple pay, does that work?

Afraid I can’t at the moment. Only got internet access through VPN. The add button isn’t working. Thanks for the reply though

It’s the Apple pay app saying can’t retrieve the card, right?

Can you uninstall and reinstall Apple pay?

Maybe contact monzo support in app ,

One thing, maybe turn off location, restart the phone and try add the card again,

I had that issue a couple of days ago where I couldn’t add it via the Monzo app but if I tried through the Apple wallet app then it worked.
Have you tried both methods?

What country and what VPN?

I’d try the Apple Support Forums, probably are a better place to ask questions about installing iTunes?

Have you tried adding it by manually typing the card number and details in ? Also try to restart the phone completely and try to add again. If none of the above works, then VPN is the issue , since when you add the card your information gets shared with your card issuer, which might be seen as incorrect due to your VPN settings.