[iOS] Apple Pay Not working

Hi, there was wondering if you could please help with the below.

Have just tried adding my Monzo card to apple pay on my iPhone, went through the wallet and selected to verify in the app, then verified it through the app by entering my pin and got sent a text from Monzo saying the card was now set up for apply pay.

However, when I then go into my wallet it says I still need to verify the card through the app, but I click on the app and there are no options to do anything and the card still is not available?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Sounds like something went wrong during the setup somewhere. Have you tried removing the card and re-adding?

I searched for ‘adding Monzo to Apple Pay’ and the below article came up with step-by-step instructions and FAQs

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Hi, @Ordog thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’ve tried removing and re-adding several times and it hasn’t worked, unfortunately.

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You’ll need contact us via the app to get this resolved. Unfortunately Apple Pay is a fickle beast, and sometimes even we can’t see why it’s failed, or fix it :disappointed:

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Hi @thomas okay I see.

I might be being stupid but I cant see how to contact you via the app?

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  1. Go to ‘Help’ (bottom right of three icons when you open your Monzo app)

  2. Type ‘contact’ in the box

  3. Select ‘Contacting support’, should be the first suggestion

  4. About three paragraphs down is “Chat with us” and a link to “chat with us in the app”. Touch that.

Hope that helps.


@HoldenCarver - thanks!

I am having the same issue I upgraded from an iPhone X to an iPhone 11 last week. I cannot get the Apple Pay working. I am having the exact same issue and getting very little support going back and forward with Apple and Monzo and no one is taking ownership!

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Also I have just added on my NatWest card with no issues so the issue is a monzo issue not Apple!

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If it’s like the issue I had with Google Pay when I upgraded phones, you need to contact Monzo and ask them to reset the verification process (I think that’s what they did to fix it for me after I explained it kept looping).

It may be you got a COp who was reading from the wrong script, or misunderstanding what you were asking, so I’d try again and hope you get a better response.


Worth noting that Mastercard is also in the middle of this process between us and Apple. Even if a Visa card works fine, it may still need to be escalated to Apple and Mastercard after we try all the possible fixes we can. :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone manage to fix this issue? Having the same issue any help is great, tried ringing and contacting the help chat room with no reply from either for hours

I found trying to manually add the card again (without deleting the one that says verify in the Monzo app) made this work - maybe it forces some communication to happen in the background?


Thanks! You’ve just saved me a lot of pain by having to call Monzo and wait who knows how long in queue.

Adding the card again without deleting the failed verification made the trick.

You beauty! I just registered especially to say thank you - this has been bugging me for days. Manually entering the details pushed the other card stuck in verification through!


Yes! This worked for me too. Amazing and thanks for sharing!

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You beauty! :star_struck: I’ve had this problem for weeks after getting a new phone!

(had called Monzo and Apple with no luck!)

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Well I just upgraded my phone to iPhone 11 and I fixed by making my monzo card a travel express card hope this helps

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Thank you. I have tried and it worked

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Made an account just to say thank you