Apple Pay unable to add Monzo card

Hello guys.
I’m unable to add card to Apple Pay.
Any suggestions?

Are you using the testflight app? If so you’ll need to add it to Apple Pay manually.

Same problem… unable to complete verification

Open your Monzo app and you should have a feed item to finish the verifcation.



There is no other buttons on that screen, how did you miss it :laughing: :wink:

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I’m unable to add card and now the option to add card has disappeared

Wait until your card arrives and then try again

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I thought as it was part of the sign up process that you was able to add the card to Apple Pay before it arrived?

Not quite the same issue, but I’m only being given the option to call to validate my new card for Apple pay. Can’t do it in app at all.

When I do call I can’t get through :’(

Can you add it through the wallet instead of the app?

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Did you remove the old one first?

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It says that. But open the app, and it should have a prompt to approve.

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I haven’t received the physical card yet but I remember them saying before that you could start using it straight away maybe it’s something they have stopped now

Was trying through wallet! In the end deleted the pending card and readded. Came back with the prompt to do in app :+1:

Should have tried that a few days ago but feeling lazy :confused:

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