How do I get the committed spending back for a missed direct debit

I am sorry if this had been discussed before but I didn’t find anything when I searched so sorry for the probable duplicate post.

I have a £300 direct debit for a credit card due to be taken on the 12th of the month. Earlier this month I cleared that credit card so it looks liken there won’t be a direct debit.

What happens with that committed money? I was expecting it to be removed from committed spending a few days after the date but for the last few days or had been listed as being paid “tomorrow”.

Does that money stay locked up as committed until the end of the month?


My experience to date is after a few days it will drop off and reset ready for next month

If you pop over to payments tab and then scheduled, select the payment in question you should be able to manually untoggle the recurring payment switch.

Does this help remove it?


I’ve always seen it drop off after a few days when I’ve done exactly this.