What is "Committed Spending"?


Hey Guys and Girls,

Can anyone tell me what Committed Spending is and how I can use it? For the past 2 months its just been empty.


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I think at the moment it’s standing orders.

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Committed spending is basically the regular payments to make every month (I.e Your Direct Debits or even things like a Netflix subscription) this will show in committed spending and therefore should give you a clearer understanding of how much money you actually have to spend.

In todays June update it was mentioned that commited spending will start to work at sometime this month.

To come in June

Factoring Direct Debits and subscriptions into Summary :arrow_right:

So you can work out how much you have left to spend after regular expenses each month, we’ll start including your Direct Debits and online subscriptions (like Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime) in the Committed Spending section of your Summary.


I thought it would be for things like Direct Debits (Contact Lenses, Spotify, Pension) etc. but after 2 months nothing was showing. From what you said it looks like they havent turn on that feature yet. Will be great when they do!

It’ll be things that are payments you make every month - so yep, Direct Debits and recurring card payments for places that we recognise as subscriptions. (So things like Netflix, Spotify, NowTV and so on).

We’re testing this out at the moment, and we’ll need your feedback to make sure we’ve got all the rules tuned correctly. Eventually you’ll be able to mark payments yourself as recurring or not too.

Stay tuned for more!



Moneybox comes out every Monday :wink:

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Another question about Committed Spending - will we be able to put a set amount into this? For example if I take the bus each day this is £3 per day.

Can I do 3 x 5 (working days) x 4.3 (average weeks per month) = £65 and then just add that figure to this category?



Already seems to be working for me - I have numerous DDs (BT, Aviva, Zopa) already showing in the ‘Committed Spending’ section, as well as SOs. Just waiting on reoccurring card payments/subscriptions now.

My Committed Spending was populated / turned on today! Awesome :slight_smile:

Anyone who comes to this thread, can you pop over to Summary Feedback Thread instead.


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