Spent today?

When you make a payment the notification mentions the total you’ve spent that day. This also is shown at the top of the app.
I’ve recently made two transfers to other accounts I have for savings. I wouldn’t really class it as something I’ve “spent” as the money is still mine.
This is a situation where I’ve felt maybe the wording isn’t quite right?


Agree, I think excluding a transaction from the spending summary should also exclude it from the daily spending total. I just tested and this doesn’t seem to change it.

Maybe if we excluded a transaction it would grey out in the feed or something. That way we can still find the transaction easily, but have visual feedback that it’s a bit different and ‘not counted’ as part of the daily total in the app and in notifications etc.


I completely agree. I have also been thinking that any expense that comes under “committed spending” Should not count towards your running total for that day.

If the money has been taken from your ‘left to spend total’ already, it feels slightly counter intuitive to be told 2 bills have come out and wake up to see you have ‘Spent’ £200… if its already committed then a simple notification saying the bill was paid on time would be more handy.

I have noticed since I have gone fully Monzo that i check my balance constantly. It really feels like I am spending a lot more than I am. I feel a slightly unhealthy relationship forming?! a daily budget would be great to stop doing calculations all the time!