Can Monzo set an account warning?

Is there anything in the pipeline for account holders to get an alert when they’re down to a certain amount in their account (rather than have the embarrassment of a failed payment)?

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This already exists.

If the payment is a Direct Debit you do get an alert for the next working day yes.
If the payment is a Standing Order I don’t think you get an alert unless you’ve marked it previously in committed spending? I’m not sure on this one but there are a few posts in the forum you can search for.


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If I recall correctly the notification is for DDs and SOs

You could get a push notification when you are close to emptying your budget, or when you’ve gone over a certain category you set up in your budget - but other than what the guys above have said there isn’t much else that I am aware of

I’d like this. So many times I don’t realise I havnt moved money from a pot for my weekly shop or I think I have more money in there and forget to check.

I get to pay and the payment is rejected. Que me thumbling about with my phone frantically trying to move money to my account to pay for the shopping becuase im 30p short. Even worse when you’re in a store with no signal


The overdraft in a way, could sort this issue - as you won’t get charged by “dipping” into it for the day or for one transactions* - you’d then obviously have to check you’ve not inadvertently gone into your overdraft - I don’t use one so not sure if when you’ve hit your overdraft you get notified or not.

*I can’t be sure on the no charge of 50p if you only dip in for a few hours. But if the above is correct it is one way albeit not perfect way to fix.

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Yeah I’ve been tempted a couple of times to look into getting a overdraft, but I have had issues with debt in the past and isnce joining Monzo I’ve been able to get on top of it. I don’t really want the temptation of using an overdraft otheriwse I’m worried I’ll fall into old habbits again

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Yeah definitely, Its not the best solution and wouldn’t encourage it if you weren’t confident in using the feature.

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Not sure I meant an overdraft… just maybe ‘you’re down to your last 50 quid’ type of thing…

Has someone already mentioned an Overdraft Pot?

If you fall below £0 in the main account it automatically dips into it.

Say put £50 and forgot about it to have peace of mind that if a transaction does takes you to -£5 in you main it saves the day and goes to £45 to bring the balance back to £0.

When you next get paid it could remind you to restore the Overdraft Pot by adding a fiver back to top it up.

No 50p fees needed.

Why wouldn’t you just leave the amount on the Overdraft Pot in your main account?

Yes. And also a lengthy debate about whether you should be charged overdraft fees when you have funds in pots.

Have a search :slight_smile:

This sounds like a good idea for an IFTTT action: send notification saying X.

For example: If balance falls below £X, send notification saying “Y.”


You could run with the strategy of never dipping below a certain point in your main account. So if £50 was your set min and you went down to £45 it’ll warn you’ve dipped below your own threshold.

But the point is when you don’t see £0 balance as having no money, and the buffer doesn’t work for them as it’s seen as spendable and not ring marked.
Rather than dip into an overdraft of the banks money, it’s dipping into yours that you specifically set as a hidden buffer.

Doesn’t have to be a named pot, could even be a toggle on the pot to say take from this pot first before using overdraft. Seems crazy to be charged 50p when you have money.

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I must admit this does sound like an overly complicated idea that could be easily replicated by having an overdraft pot with £50 in it and keeping an eye on your balance/spending.


I use my Monzo account purely for monthly spending, transfering a specific amount to it each payday which matches the budget I’ve set.

So I can make use of the full amount of budget I’m needing to always make sure I keep a bit extra in the account on top of that so that I’m not worrying a day before payday that I’m putting in £40 fuel when I have £35 budget remaining.

Id love to create a Rainy Day pot, stick a bit in it and mark it to be used if my balance goes below 0 and forgot about it. In the above scenario if it was clever enough when I next transfered the payday money it asked “Top up Rainy Day pot by £5 to maintain buffer?” or even set it to automatically top back up to the buffer amount when there’s enough funds back in the main.

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Sounds like you just need to use the budgeting feature or wait for the committed spending pot to be launched :thinking:

Otherwise I agree with @anon99402360, it seems overly complicated and very niche.

Also. If you’re eligible for an overdraft you get a free £20 buffer too :slight_smile:

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Also, if you are using the Budget - at least for me, Monzo tell me quite regularly when I’m near to hitting or have hit my specific category budgets and then my “overall” budget - is this not what is needed? I just feel like coding a “You only have £x left in your account” is overly finicky.

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I don’t think using Monzo just for monthly spend is that niche.
I’m already using the budgeting too. It would be nice not to keep maintaining the buffer amount.

Atm say I have £1100 in my account, my budget set to £1000.

So a buffer of £100.

If I end the month on £95 I’m -£5 down on my budget.

I’ve then got a choice next month, keep my buffer at £95 with the same budget so I start the month with £1095 after transferring a fresh £1000. Then act when my buffer gets low say £50.

Or reduce my budget to £995 so I’m maintaining the £100 buffer for the next month ahead.

It could also work that if I ended the month on £110 that the extra £10 goes into a savings pot so I’m always working with a consistent budget.

That’s not what I was saying at all. The feature of sending notifications and requests to move money from to and from “buffer pots” was what I described as niche.

The example you’ve given above it exactly how I’d want it to work. If you have remaining money I want to decide what to do with it, not have a notification pop up asking if I want to send it to a buffer pot. I might want to blow it on a reward for myself or move it into my ISA etc.

I could be wrong though, these feedback topics can now be voted on so instead of going round in circles we can see how much interest it gets. Hopefully if it gets enough Monzo will consider it :slight_smile:

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