Can Monzo set an account warning?

Sure I mean you have a toggle saying “Maintain buffer amount automatically” that would see you have sufficient funds again that it can top it up with like after payday. If that’s no toggled it’s up to you to keep check and move money when you feel best.

Again you could have a toggle that has “Remaining balance at end of budget is transferred to this pot”. You could toggle that on the buffer pot or savings pot, or not toggle it to manage yourself

You’re moving the goal posts again.

What you’re now describing is a ‘salary sweep’ which moves any remaining money at the end of the month into a pot. This has been brought up in the past and there is also a ‘anti-overdraft’ feature too. See here:

At the end of the day, you need to manage your own finances, adjust your budgets and check on everything regularly. Leaving everything to be “automated” is dangerous :slight_smile:

Yes there’s two things I’m talking about (Maintaining a buffer pot / Sweeping remaining balance into a pot), I’m not saying I’ve just thought of these or I’m the first to come up with the idea. I’m simply providing the scenario of how I would like to use it.

I see the automated as useful rather than dangerous, of course if I start spending +£100 over my budget it would then fall into overdraft or decline.

I’m slightly adverse to Monzo being able to manage or automate the budget in any other way than the categories (current set-up). With how my budget is set up I could have £1,000 in my account but if I spend over £500 Monzo tell me I’ve gone over - Isn’t this what we are after? A budget that works irrespective of what is in the account? The minute we start sweeping money into pots or adapting budgets autonomously we are losing touch with our finances which could inadvertently lead to more problems.

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That’s no problem, I wasn’t accusing you of that so apologies for the misunderstanding :slight_smile:

I’m just pointing you in the right direction to read up on these things to save us all time and effort. Plus we’ve kind of hijacked the original persons thread and taken this off topic :slightly_frowning_face:


@JustJordds I see it if I set the budget as £1000 it would always be £1000.

If I was £5 down at the end of the month, it could spend £5 in the general category at the start of the next month to top it up to maintain if I had given it permission to by toggling the feature.

I’m using £5 as I see got my scenario I’m usually very close usually on budget by +/-£10 or so.

With large planned purchases I would use the don’t count this as budget feature and transfer the money from the pot before.

Sorry @sallylowlight got a bit carried away on a tangent from your OP

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Sorry I’m slightly confused here, do you mean you would only ever have £1,000 in your account if your budget was £1,000?

It is just my opinion that if we automate something like this - a “buffer” pot so to speak to make it so you don’t go into the red in a certain month, means we are dodging the core responsibility of managing our finances. Say for instance, you go £10 over every month but because you have this “buffer pot” you wouldn’t realise that over the course of a year you’ve not budgeted for £120 - that could be quite a lot to someone.

The sweeper function is valuable - but the idea that Monzo should take the responsibility of managing our finances I feel is one step too far.

Sorry, but I fail to see how letting Monzo sweep leftover money into a pot the day before your payday would cause people to lose touch with their finances.

I’m saying the starting budget amount doesn’t change in my ideal Buffer pot solution. When you have available balance again it’ll spend from it to top up the Buffer pot. So if you were five pound down at the end of your last £1000 budget, it’ll spend £5 from your next £1000 budget (rather than adjust the budget to £995)

I mean sweeping into and out of a buffer pot - not the salary sweep, as I said in a comment further below:


Just to say, other banks already offer this. My Santander account has optional account limit alerts. They’ll text you if you’re account goes below whatever limit you set.

If I recall correctly, the credit card also has the option to receive text alerts for purchases. It’s a long time since I had their credit card, so my memory might be a bit hazy.

Edit: Here are the current account options with Santander;



I can definitely see the use for it - I just feel this should be a customer led action and not something Monzo should automate for us. Because it could cause for money to go “missing” if you weren’t keeping an eye on your budget.

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My NatWest has Balance alerts that you specify the limit to send you a text when you reach it. You can set a low and a high. It only checks it daily at 6am, not after a transaction which would be better.
It also has an Act Now Alert, which texts you to say you have until x time today to pay money into your account to avoid fees for unarranged overdrafts etc to either bring it back in credit or within your overdraft.

Starling has a £25 limit warning. I think it can be adjusted/turned off by chat, as I remember the forums people on tight budgets felt like they were being nagged and knew it was low but had no other income to top it up.

I’ve just added my vote :+1:

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I feel like when it was more of a hassle to access and check your bank account, the warning texts that some legacy banks sent out when your balance was down to £XX made sense.

But with Monzo - and to some extent legacy banks since they 1) made mobile banking apps, and 2) integrated Touch ID/Face ID logins - it is so easy to check (even easier on iOS with the balance widget), I feel, similar to @JustJordds that notifying you when you’re down to e.g. £50 encourages you not to be on top of knowing your financial health day to day. Just my thoughts though :man_shrugging:


Its not really the notifications that I don’t mind I actually think notifications to say you are near 0 is quite forward-thinking and customer-centric, its the buffer-pot concept automating this “spread” in the budgets - it stops you keeping an eye on things.


Ah, sorry! :blush:

I know I had this when I had a Santander account. I was able to set a email or text alert when my balance dropped below £X or if it was to rise above £Y.
This was really beneficial for the low balance alert but the upper value I only used to I monitored when I got paid - which I get told instantly anyway now.

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I think people have run off with the overdraft idea which wasn’t at all what I was talking about… my original post was a simple question as to whether a function like I’m suggesting would be beneficial (I think so). Lloyd’s used to have a weekly mini summary text and also an alert when you were close to using your last £50 or £100 (you can set the amount). They’ve dumped that now hence why I’m moving over mainly to MONZO.


This is exactly what I’m asking if MONZO might take on :slight_smile:

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I definitely want suggesting Monzo deals with the limit, the customer would set that amount. It’s merely a warning.