Overdraft notifications

Quite simply.

Why do you not send push notifications, texts or emails when a payment triggers someone going into an un- arranged overdraft?

Do you feel in the modern world that simply allowing a message within the app that someone may or may not see be their notification or chance to resolve?

If money was in the saving or additional pot, this could also have an auto filter as an available balance to offer the client the chance to have that auto moved, or ensure debt interest is settled (at 30%) rather than savings %accrued at a fraction of this

Stop sending me literature on enhancements if you cannot look after me !

Like this?


I can confirm that this is still a thing.

You also have the option of a push notification, a text message, or both

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I would still expect some form of pot switching and balance checking to accrue savings rather than incur penalties. The money is there and with much more mass marketing to get me to switch to a savings pot, there should be equal intelligence around protecting the primary pot

You shouldn’t be penalised for being overdrawn if you have money in a pot, it doesn’t need to move. But this has been raised many times and there’s no sign of it changing.

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As above it has been suggested before.

I for one, wouldn’t want my pots touching if I go overdrawn. I get enough warning from budgeting and left to spend. Then a notification when it happens so I can manually review and correct if I wish.

I want it to by my decision whether to eat into my savings pots. Each one of them have targets or are earmarked for bills so it could easily snowball into bigger issues if they got dipped into.

Starling bank are your answer,

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