Notification of Pending Direct Debit

When I first switched to Monzo I found that it would be useful to have a notification alert (not just the countdown in the app) if a direct debit is going to take me overdrawn.

You do get a notification the day before when a scheudled payment is more than the available funds.

Exactly like that, however that only appears to work for Scheduled Payments (Standing Orders) and not for Direct Debits.

I’m confused. This already exists.

I get notifications every month for direct debits that are due out. (This is becuase I have it set so that a standing order takes the money out of the pot on the same day the direct debit is due.)

If the direct debit is an initial payment, it could be that Monzo is not able to predict the first payment amount or date until it has been taken.

I’m not really in a position to test this myself any more as I changed a number of DD dates after switching, so perhaps you are right.

This already exists for Direct Debits, although the notifications could be a bit smarter: