Getting close to 0 balance notification!

When I was With Halifax I would get a text to say I was nearing a 0 balance in my current account and I was wondering if Monzo did this? - if not is it something people would benefit from? For example it’s a Saturday night and you go drinking then you’ve got 3 direct debts coming out on Monday that you may Have forgotten about? - that way if you were getting close to your limit on your current account Monzo would let you know so the direct debts didn’t then bounce.

No, they don’t. A user defined lower limit would be nice, though.

In the circumstances you mention, Monzo would let you know if there was insufficient funds to cover your DDs,I believe.

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Monzo do do that indeed I believe actually! However it would be good for the general balance notifications to come through as it would help people that are on the lower incomes and or spend a lot.

Pay your direct debits from a pot? Then you can spend what you like?


I do but I meant for people that don’t do that, again a notification might benefit some people.