Can I use one account on two phones?


I’d like to be able to use a single account on both an Android phone and an iPhone (with different phone numbers). Is this possible?

(Leon) #2

Yes but not at the same time but I could be mistaken.

(Andre Borie) #3

I believe you can log into both an Android and iOS app at the same time (but not two of the same app). Phone number is irrelevant.


It sounds as though I should be able to do what I need. I use an iPhone normally but travelling off-road on my motorcycle, I use a beat-up rugged Android phone that I don’t mind trashing but which I like to have for payments en-route - so only one phone is used at a time. I also carry it as a backup for my iPhone on regular trips in case I lose the iPhone.

(Simon B) #5

Yep - we support one active session per operating system. I am always logged in to my own account on both my Pixel 2 XL and my iPhone 6S.


Many thanks.

(Brandon Billingham) #7

Any plans to improve upon this and remove the limitation?

(phil dykes) #8

If I had the app on 2 android phones and I signed in on the 2nd while still on the first what would happen?
Would it simply log me off?

(Andre Borie) #9

Yeah you will be logged out from the previous device.

(Alex Jones) #10

+1 on seeing this limitation be removed. Currently carry two iPhones (work/home) and would love to be able to access Monzo from both devices

(James Kendall) #11

I have the same issue. Would be great to have it on both work & personal iPhones. A WebApp wouldn’t hurt either!

(Kieran) #12

Something like

(Aaron Richards) #13

Would also like to see support for multiple devices. Starling support being logged into 3 devices at a time. I carry 2 android devices, one personal and one work and having to log back in when I switch from one to the other every time can be a pain

(Kevyn) #14

I don’t really see the point in 1 iOS and 1 Android but not 2 on iOS or 2 on Android. It looks like a throwback from development days where staff tested the app on the two different operating systems.

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just allow 2 overall sessions on either iOS or Android or both?