Can I get a replacement card delivered overseas?

If I’ve lost my card overseas (at least, in the EU), could Monzo send a replacement card to my address there? I tried looking for an answer in the forum since I’m sure it’s been asked before but couldn’t find it!


Yes they do this, according to tweets I’ve seen from other users. Given the cost / complexity / shipping time, I guess there’s probably limits to their ability to do this though.

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Hi folks

Does/will Monzo offer a courier service for a replacement card, should I lose my card abroad?



That thread is in the era of prepaid though right? It’s it possible this may differ with the CA? I imagine the legislation governing it is totally different to that for prepaid…

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The way the card activation works is totally the same though. The card is useless until it is associated with an account

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A wee update on this: Lost my card in Spain on Sunday, got the replacement delivered by courier on Tuesday. Insanely quick response time :smiley:


Great to hear! Ofc it’s good practice to carry multiple cards, but in case everything gets stolen/ lost Monzo users won’t be stuck in a foreign country cardless :+1:t3:

Yeah brought my Spanish card which happened to expire very recently. I ordered a new one before losing my monzo one. A :monzo: overseas delivery arrived sooner than my Spanish legacy one :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the charge for an overseas delivery?

There is none :slight_smile:

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I didn’t see this answer coming! Great for users then!

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