US users - international card replacement fee?

After noticing the topic come up in the wider Monzo community board, I figured I should ask about this, especially since I leave the country fairly often (I’m in China right now, for example). I don’t think it’ll be a major issue for me because I usually have at least two debit cards and one credit card with very low cash advance rates ($1+10.5% interest) with me when I travel. However, on the off-chance that I do need to replace my Monzo card while I’m away, would that cost me? Or is it even possible? N26, for example, can’t even send replacement US-issued cards outside the US, so I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Monzo couldn’t either for US cards.

I’m not entirely sure about the mechanics as I am not American however if Monzo can send you a card internationally then I would expect the fee would apply.

If you are a UK Monzo user, your card is issued from a UK source (Monzo UK) to your UK address. If you then travel overseas and lose/forget your card and need one - Monzo will send one to your preferred overseas address at the cost indicated.

With that logic applied…

If you are a US Monzo user, your card is issued from a US source (Monzo US) to your US address. If you then travel overseas and lose/forget your card and need one - Monzo will send one to your preferred overseas address at the cost indicated.

Maybe I’m wrong but it seems common-sense that you’ll need to pay to get a replacement card delivered to an address outside of your ‘home territory’ (but not within it)

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Do they give a reason why not?

I didn’t even think to ask for a reason. I asked the question to their support team (I lost my card in New York the night before I was headed to Vancouver for a week) and when I got a “no”, I just asked them to send the replacement to my home address instead without thinking to ask why they couldn’t send it to Canada.

Also, to come back to this point:

It would seem common-sense to an extent. Personal experience has been that credit cards are generally couriered to me for free no matter where I am when I lose them, but most of mine are travel cards with annual fees- I would assume the cost of a couriered replacement every now and then is factored into that. Debit cards banks generally charge to courier outside the country, but the issue is that for US cards, the usual fee for getting a replacement couriered overseas is nowhere near the £30 that’s now being charged to Monzo UK users, but rather in the range of $10-15 (I used to say yes to one of them when I lost my wallet and have the rest sent to my home address, but then I started to only keep two debit cards at a time in my wallet and scatter the other few across my bags so that if my wallet gets lost I always have some way to access my funds).

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I dunno, but please edit/shorten the title, it really mucks up on mobile viewing! :smiley:

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Oops, sorry about that! I was a bit worked up when I wrote it, and it looks like someone’s taken care of it. That said, I do hope someone at Monzo is able to come by and give an official answer.

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Are there help articles in app like the UK version? Might be mentioned there

Tapping “help” in the app just brings up the chat. I figured this is something that would matter to more people than just me, so I brought it up here on the public board.

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you dont have a help tab where you can type in replacement card and see articles?

Well, we have a “help” tab, but tapping it just makes the support chat pop up.


in that case i will try tagging in @J.une to see if we can get an answer


They don’t list one

What I was concerned about is that could be due to them not charging one, not being able to send US cards to other countries at all, or not having updated the fee table recently since the replacement fee for UK cards was only just introduced recently.

EDIT: Also the reason I asked it here instead of just asking in support chat is because I wanted to have something that others can reference if need be.