Amazing service from Monzo

Signed up just to post this.
Long story short, I lost my Monzo card when I was aboard in Cairns (Australia). I went for a swim in the sea and it was in my pocket, only realised a few hours later. Anyhow I ordered a replaced card and sent it to the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore where I was scheduled to be 2 days later. Got to the hotel and my card was delivered via TnT :smile: I’m so glad I transferred my holiday spendings into my Monzo card before leaving the UK! Thank you Monzo so much for being to efficient and on the ball! You’ve earned my loyalty!


I agree, Monzo do go out of their way to provide good service. It’s really refreshing, after being with legacy banks for so many years.

Post a pic from the Marina Bay Sands rooftop pool, make us all jealous please! :smile:


Agreed Chris, can’t imagine the ordeal if I was using my Barclays and lost it abroad.

Sure, panoramic photo :slight_smile:



Nice one, glad you got it sorted quick. My friend lost his Halifax credit card in Vietnam last year and Halifax would only send it to his UK address. It took over two weeks for it arrive in Vietnam after being forwarded on by his parents. He had a spare debit card but amassed quite a few foreign use charges in that time :no_mouth:


:joy::joy::joy::joy:. Definitely, you won’t have ever received your card abroad with any other legacy banks

Yeah my wife was shocked when I could change my shipping address of my new card, she was adamant they wouldn’t let me change it. I don’t see it as a security risk at all because you still need to activate and validate the new card :sunglasses:


Hi @DeanH, thanks for sharing!

I’m so glad we could help you with your lost card on your trip. And I’m extremely jealous of your trip, it sounds fantastic.

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