Can Monzo send a card to me in Italy?

Hi everyone! Unfortunately, I’ve had a fraud in my Monzo card so, I have to freeze this one and get another new one, but I’m in Italy now: can I get a new monzo card with an address Italian?

Thank you to everyone

Hi Matteo,

Your question is covered in the help section in the app. Here’s the answer:


£30?! Glad they can send a card, but £30 is mad.

It might seem like that but if I wanted to send a document via DHL air delivery then I’m quoted as £26.95 so a couple of extra quid thrown in by Monzo to cover any other costs.

I’m sure there’s cheaper ways of sending them but can they guarantee that it gets to the person and is fully tracked

There’s lots of discussion about it here:



And this

And finally


They use DHL, but it’s definitely not the same service that costs £26.95 (1 day delivery), since the card takes at least 2 weeks to arrive. For 3-5 days delivery Royal Mail charges £6.45 for a tracked and signed letter.