Live outside of the UK

I am thinking of going to live outside the UK to finish my studies. Can I still use my Monzo card? What would happen, for example, if I lose the card? Would there be any way to replace it outside the UK?

Thanks :smile:

of course you can still use your card if you have funds on it - having said that pre paid cards are going to be replaced by “pre paid” Current account cards in the new year - these new current account cards can be used in exactly the same way as the pre paid cards - when top ups by debit card are rolled out to all CA users :slight_smile: - so shouldn’t be a problem to change before you go :slight_smile:

shipping overseas is possible though I assume it would take a bit of time to receive as opposed to royal mail first class service :slight_smile:


If you open your account while being in the UK nothing prevents you from using it abroad… theoretically you should update your address on Monzo but if you try to set a non-UK address the app advises you to close your account… but in reality the address isn’t used for anything that would benefit you so my recommendation would be to just keep your last UK address on file and enjoy the awesome account. :slight_smile:

Note that they have caps on abroad cash withdrawals but card payments remain free (at the MasterCard exchange rate), and also the account is not currently able to accept non-UK wire transfers so you might need to use a tool like TransferWise to work around that.


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