What to do if phone is lost/stolen while travelling?

@Naji Just to get full picture… Would this option be available only via app chat, or via phone call too? If that’s so, that would answer my earlier theoretical situation.

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@Avishai technically yes! But it would be more straightforward to reach out in the app if possible :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally get that, app > phone call, I’d prefer it too. Thanks for clarifying. :smiley:

For that situation I’d probably borrow someones phone, install monzo and login to my email via web then log into monzo that way. From there I could order new card. After that just log out and delete monzo.


Hi I’ve lost my card in a taxi in Stockholm how do I stop my payments??

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that. You can freeze your card in the app.

If you’re on iOS or have the latest update for the Android app, just go to the Card tab & tap the freeze button :snowflake:

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the option to order a replacement card.

If you’re going to be away for a while longer, the support team should be able to send you a replacement, if you message them via the in-app chat.

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I have lost my phone with app on - can I do this from desktop mac?

I’m afraid not, you’ll need to email the support team at help@monzo.com to ask them to deal with this instead.


Or you can phone them on +44 20 3322 4650 if that’s easier (detailed earlier in this thread).

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Just froze my card. There’s no option to order a replacement.

Here’s what you should see when you freeze your card, I’m not 100% sure but I expect this works the same way on Android..

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Nope. Nothing. Just frozen and no other options. On the prepaid you used to be able to order a spare but it seems they’ve removed pretty much the only feature I ever joined Monzo on the new Monzo Bank app now :frowning:

That recording is from the current account app :slight_smile: I’d recommend sending the support team a quick message & I’m sure they’ll get you sorted in no time!

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I’m talking about the Monzo Bank current account app. I already messaged them and they seem to be implying they have silently removed this essential feature so far but haven’t replied for ages now…

Ok, please do let us know what they say when they get back to you :raised_hands:

Right now I have no clue. They keep referring to “the blue app”, “the dark blue app”, “the none blue app”. Throughout the interface of both apps there are various shades of blue. The icons also have shades of blue. The apps were given proper names: “Monzo” and “Monzo Bank” where one refers to the original Monzo prepaid app and one, obviously to the bank account. Why have staff be told to use this names that are so ambiguous they are meaningless instead of the proper names?

I’m also getting contradictory information from each app. In one app they are saying it’s impossible to have a hot spare (a fact manifestly disproved by the two prepaid card in front of me that I can instantly switch between by freezing). They also say this feature will be removed once the prepaid card is deactivated.

On the Monzo Bank app, they are saying I need to upgrade the Monzo app and that will then allow me to freeze and order a hot spare. But they are not explaining why I am missing features despite doing free testing for Monzo Bank by being an early adopter and what happens to my existing Monzo Bank account if I upgrade my prepaid to a new current account.

I’m left even more bemused than I was to start with! :sleepy:

The only app you should not be using is called “Monzo”. You download it from the app store as normal. It’s the one that you used for the prepaid card. If you already have a current account with a separate app use the prepaid app and follow the steps to upgrade to a current account. The data between prepaid & current account will merge and you’ll keep your existing current account card while the prepaid card will deactivate.
Any extra apps can then be deleted.
Features should then return.


I thought people were moved off the Current Account Preview app ages ago?


I also thought this was the case but I don’t think the app ever stopped working. Just no longer got updates.

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I assumed Monzo would have had some popup/window that told people who opened the CA preview app that they need to upgrade but apparently not @Naji @HughWells