Can I get a replacement card delivered overseas?

(Eve) #1

If I’ve lost my card overseas (at least, in the EU), could Monzo send a replacement card to my address there? I tried looking for an answer in the forum since I’m sure it’s been asked before but couldn’t find it!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Yes they do this, according to tweets I’ve seen from other users. Given the cost / complexity / shipping time, I guess there’s probably limits to their ability to do this though.

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(Ben Martin) #3

Hi folks

Does/will Monzo offer a courier service for a replacement card, should I lose my card abroad?



(Peter Roberts) #4

That thread is in the era of prepaid though right? It’s it possible this may differ with the CA? I imagine the legislation governing it is totally different to that for prepaid…

(Hugh) #5

The way the card activation works is totally the same though. The card is useless until it is associated with an account

(Jorge) #6

A wee update on this: Lost my card in Spain on Sunday, got the replacement delivered by courier on Tuesday. Insanely quick response time :smiley:

(Eve) #7

Great to hear! Ofc it’s good practice to carry multiple cards, but in case everything gets stolen/ lost Monzo users won’t be stuck in a foreign country cardless :+1:t3:

(Jorge) #8

Yeah brought my Spanish card which happened to expire very recently. I ordered a new one before losing my monzo one. A :monzo: overseas delivery arrived sooner than my Spanish legacy one :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the charge for an overseas delivery?

(Jack) #10

There is none :slight_smile:


I didn’t see this answer coming! Great for users then!