'Bump' up que not working

Morning all,

Long time listener…first time caller

After patiently waiting in the que for several weeks and reaching circa 5000 in the que, I utilised a few more friends/bumps, but they don’t seem to have worked at all? They were both last night but my position doesn’t reflect this?

I’m keen to get using M, with an imminent move over to Germany the FX policy is a godsend!

Can someone kindly advise?



think this has been mentioned before - and the bumpers have to use your link to register - or something like that ? if they have used your individual link maybe a tweet to Mondo on their twitter account might solve it

and I think the app shows how many people have used your link by the number of people waiting with you on the app screen

Hi Ian,

They have indeed used my referral link. I am aware of the extra people appearing on the bench, I referred my partner upon first signing up and this worked smoothly, it’s only recently that it has seemingly not worked.

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