Queue bump fault

Hello. I have referred two friends using my link to bump up the queue. They have downloaded the app using my link but my queue position has not been moved. Please could you assist. Thanks

Drop an email to help@monzo.com

Hey Harry! Drop me a DM with your email address if this hasn’t been fixed for you yet :slight_smile:

Actually i wonder what happens if you give a golden ticket to someone who is already in the queue?

They can still be used by users in the queue :slight_smile:

Oh well there you go! Asked and answered.

Hi Simon, Im having the same issue. I refered my sister and she signed up, but I have not been bumped. My email is arjunpankhania@gmail.com

11k people in the waiting list? When I did it last November there was only 2k

We’re firing through the list at the moment, dispatching a couple of thousand a day, so while the list might have grown, no should be waiting long for a card! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, have same issue. Emailed two times to suggested email address- nothing. Could you please assist

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Hi Dinara, that should be sorted for you now :grinning: