Not Moving Up Beta Queue

Hi all / Mondo

I’ve been getting people to sign up to push me up the Beta queue. After a marathon of spamming friends with links, I reached 13,000-and-something. Then I suddenly stopped moving. To test this, I had several people (including a family member) tell me once they had clicked the link and downloaded Mondo - I still didn’t move further up the queue, despite several affirmatives.

Is this a glitch or is this because the 13,000-or-so people ahead of me also jumped up the queue (and therefore cannot be frog-leaped themselves)? Or some other reason? Any answer would be appreciated.

Additionally, will Mondo be increasing the 1,000-cards-per-week distribution any time soon? Currently I’d be looking at a hair over three months before my card is sent out.

Very keen to get involved as soon as possible! (Apologies for my impatience.)



EDIT: Moved up another 8,000 overnight. Probably just a delay.

EDIT 2.0: Card en route! Moderator, please delete thread.