Queue Bumping

Does the queue bumping still work? I referred 3 friends who followed the link and signed up but my queue place didn’t change. I am in the 9000’s and expected three refers to jump me to no more queue.

It depends on how many referrals everyone else in front of you may have had.

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That’s not what the app says. It says for every friend that signs up they move you up the queue by at least 4000 places.

Mine worked, I was 3600 the other week and one of my friends joined and as soon as he put his E-Mail in I got a notification that my account was active.

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I found that it would get ‘stuck’ for a while then the next day several bumps would happen together.

The first referral was a few days ago. The others were last night so I guess it must be broken at the moment.

I’d contact support but I don’t know how.

try emailing - emma.northcott@mondo.mail.intercom.io

From my experience, signing up is temperamental.

Signing up on mobile or with cookie restrictions, for me, redirects to:

and presents me with an error asking me to enter my email address.

Singing up on desktop presents an overlay success screen with links to download the app, and in my experience it’s this route that works for referrals.

If say the queue was 8000 people and you had two referrals, you would expect yourself to be say in position 1. But if someone else joined queue near you and had 3 referrals they would be 4000 places ahead of you. Bumping you down another place to 2 and that person taking position 1.

In theory that is how it should work. In practice you stay at position 1 with everyone else there. It seems the queue goes into minus positions with the app only showing 1 (unless the queue system has changed since the beta went live).

Hi, I have had a similar problem to this too, two of my friends used my link to sign up but I haven’t moved in the queue, should I wait a few days then contact Monzo? Or is it something to do with the link maybe? Thanks for your help!

contact Monzo through the in app or twitter and they will sort it out for you

Thanks, all sorted now and have my Monzo, huray!


Hello I have the same problem inrefered one person and my position haven’t changed at all and it’s been 5 days now is this normal ?

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No it’s not, I’m afraid it sounds like something’s gone wrong there so I’d recommend contacting the support team, by emailing help@monzo.com or sending a DM on Twitter, to ask them to look into that.

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