Invited a friend but not bumped up queue?


Hi, I invited a friend using my link that should have bumped me up 4000 places (I am currently about 1600 places from the top) but it doesn’t seem to have done so. I previously invited another friend and I was bumped up almost immediately after he created the account. Is this something you can fix for me?

(Hugh) #2

Hey @Qin108!

It’s probably best to give Customer Operations an email: so they can look into this for you :slight_smile:

(Tony Hoyle) #3

Does that work now? With existing customers and investors automatically at the top of the queue I’d be surprised if bumping up made much difference.


Well, I waited for about 2 weeks and went from position number 60000 to about 6000. I invited one friend and got moved up to 2000 — I am now 1600. I just invited another friend which should have put me at the top of the queue now, but it doesn’t seem to have been credited.

Of course you could say that I could just wait for a while longer as I’m already at 1600, but I have been stuck at 1600 for almost a week now, so as I’m sure you’ll appreciate I am sliiiiiightly impatient (though I did know this was what I was signing up for) and if I can cut the queue so to speak, I’d like to. Lol


Thank you, I have done that now!

(Hugh) #6

Totally, however I don’t think the front of the queue is actually moving at the moment so :confused:


:frowning: I guess I have no choice but to wait then!