BPay type payment band

Hi there I’m a regular commuter to the city . I take bus train , London Underground and tube to work . So taking out my wallet or phone to keep paying is a bit of pain also has lead to my losing my keys and anything else I have in my pocket . For the last few years I have been using bPay which allows you to have your bank card on your wrist . It’s super useful and I can use my monzo card on it as payment method . But you don’t get the spend analyse which is one of the major benefits of using monzo . Would be great if you could offer a similar solution. BPay band don’t require Charging as it’s just an NFC chip on your wrist and it’s a cheap dependable solution better than Apple Watch etc which need Charging .




This seems a great idea. I like prospect of having a payment card on the wrist.

Many years ago, in winter, I used to put my Oyster card into my glove, so I could tap in using my hand. Caused some raised eyebrows at the time. The one slight flaw with using this method on tfl readers is that you want to use the left hand for buses, and the right hand at the station gate line.


Haha with my BPay I do have to make some weird poses to make payments and twist it . One flaw of the BPay is the chip is located in only one position . So u can have Top of wrist or turn band round to have a bottom . Which means you have to keep turning it to hit different payment devices Would be good if antenna went all the ya round band or two chips one at top and bottom .

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Monzo seem to use Tag Systems to manufacture the Coral Core cards, and they also offer a sticker form factor, but not the micro one that goes into bPay.
Gemalto (I think they are behind the one in bPay) do offer the tiny ones that can be put into bands and rings.

All these form factors are doubtless at a premium over “plain” cards, but I’m sure the people who wanted this would pay it (would I get a Hot Coral ring? hmm perhaps, maybe if it was carbon and coral, like these glowing ones). The problem at the moment is that Monzo don’t seem to support multiple active cards linked to one account.


I like the ring idea … but it’s not a multi card it would be similar to having it on your phone . ( card clone ) . BPay is a Seperate system and his its own card number and you can load a card behind it . I think people would pay for this . The free option would be the rubber band type . Monzo get on this .

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How is BPay to use generally?

Have you ever had any issues with it?

I love the idea of the wristband because of the safety/privacy element of not having to get your wallet/phone/keys out of your pocket

Would love to see this.

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We do keep taking a look at the possibility of doing something like this, possibly as a paid feature (as they are significantly more expensive than regular cards). :eyes:

Unfortunately, right now the economics of doing it don’t work out and it would require a few changes across the apps to support the concept of multiple cards, etc.

It’ll be a bit of a long shot but if everything does align one day, we wouldn’t rule it out. :+1:


I’d be really happy to pay for this (a sticker or a bracelet), Monzo could even make a little money from it.

You’re going to have to bite the bullet sometime and handle multiple accounts and multiple cards :grin:


Argh, I love Monzo.

Thats a shame being a user of BPay for a while the upfront cost was 20 quid for the bracelet . ( I’m on my second ) Top shop and some internet companies did sell the accessories for a while to hold the chip . I can also tell you it’s so useful to have . If you do decide to look into the upfront cost may be cheaper than you think for a basic range . Let a company like H&M or topshop design some accessories for it and adversize TD brand at the same time . You should also check out . https://nfcdirect.co.uk/ As a possible partner .

Yeah it’s great been using it for about 3 Years on my second band it’s pretty hard wearing . Wear it everywhere . Hardly have issues . You can use your monzo card or any debit card as a primary source. They shouldn’t have called it bPay as people think it’s just for Barclay card customers . It’s not . You use the bPay app to load money into the bPay chip which has its own card number which u can use for tfl etc . Eg 30 pound and set up auto top up and the chip will always keep 30 pounds loaded onto the chip . Upfront cost is 20 quid but will it’s well worth it never take it off even in shower . :wink:

I use my Apple Watch which has my Starling Card loaded. I stopped using Bpay.

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My wife uses the the Apple Watch and it looks much more awkward to use you have to push the crown etc . Also the bPay doesn’t require battery as I’m forgetful in terms or charging etc . Also much cheaper solution .

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A double click on the Crown and it brings up your cards.
Charging, well it sits on its charger each night along with my iPhone!

Just posted my first post on the forum,after doing a check it hadn’t been done before even a search…spelt BePay instead though…And the next thread I found was this!

I got a BePay/ Bpay band from my daughter who works for the bank and was a bit sceptical at first but it grew on me a really handy thing to have. I think the micro card with the monzo account would be winner.

Does Android pay not generate a unique card number, different from that of our actual card number? I wonder if a sinilar architecture could be used for this functionality?

That’s how bPay works . It has its own number and you can have any card behind it .

Wondering if there are any plans to introduce a small card,prepay if necessary that can be put in a wristband,watch strap phone case etc?
I have got a prepay card from Barclays called BePay which is a great little thing. It’s a contactless card about the size of a SIM card that fits in a wristband, but obviously can go in other wearable. It’s limited to the £30 contactless limit but it means I always have the means to pay for coffee or beers etc even when on the beach, or when I forgot my wallet, again!

It’s something I would be willing to pay for, reluctantly, and coupled with my monzo account and features I think it would be a great thing to have.


I would love a little contact less wristband (tbh I’d love it if Sony didn’t drop updates to my smartwatch so I could use Google pay on it but that’s by the by…)

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