Beyond metal cards. I want an NFC Payment Ring McClear

I don’t want to carry a debit card.

Instead of a metal card I want a NFC payment ring like the one offered by mclear. I’d be prepared to pay £45 upfront with monzo plus, or free as part of monzo premium.

product mentioned:

If you want one is there any reason why you haven’t just bought one? It looks like you can just go on their website, order and it will work with your Monzo account.

Everything within Plus/Premium has a cost. I can’t see how they could add something like this without adding the cost to the price of the subscription so you’ll end up paying for it one way or another.


To be fair, just buy a smart watch with NFC, same result, but far more usability.


It costs £90 and the OP is only “prepared” to pay half that, for some reason.


A ‘ring’ integration has been discussed here

PingIt also sell similar contactless payment thingies. They don’t do a ring but maybe you’ll find something else to meet your requirements and cheaper.

I’m tempted by the keyfob in case I go out and forget my phone/battery goes flat. But seeing as I have an Apple Watch with NFC as well I probably don’t need a third thing.

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Why open yet another banking account when it could be done with Monzo.

Assuming your on the Premium account at £15 per month. A metal card costs you about £90 over 6 months.

The form of a card isnt always convenient.

It costs £90, but it only lasts for 3 years. You can then buy another one “hopefully at a significant discount.”

Edit: This seems to be a sort of Curve card in ring form. But I suspect that the OP wants Monzo to be able to supply something like this, but at half the cost. To be fair, if that was possible, I’m sure there would be a large take up.

No it doesn’t. You aren’t paying for just the card.

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Before Apple Pay and watch Payments I would have totally been up for something like this -

I used to use the ping it thing for the same function, but my Apple devices pretty much rule out the need.

As more devices have payment options I can only see the need for this dwindling sadly.

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Yeah not really sure of the need for things like this now every phone can pay?

And I know watches are not ubiquitous but imagine there’s a fair bit of overlap between those who would wear a payment ring and also benefit from a smart watch?

Just how many times are you paying in person these days. PAP, Amazon, eBay, Online groceries, Click and collect, PayPal I think cover 99% of transactions.

For me pulling my phone out once a month to tap isn’t that much of a hassle. :man_shrugging:

:thinking: I’m actually struggling to think of when I last paid in person. Think it might have been October

But a phone is so heavy! The ring is for those for whom a debit card is too burdensome to lug around from shop to shop. Like naturists.


I actually like the idea of payment rings and didn’t know they existed.

In a world with masks I can see myself using these frequently and ditching Apple Pay until things return to somewhat normal again.

Noticed that McLear were associated with Wirecard and wondering if that will affect anything if I decide to purchase a ring?

How big is the contactless part of a card?

Wait what?

In a world where there’s a killer virus on the loose, you’d rather your hand made direct contact with the reader rather than your phone?

It might not need direct contact, neither my watch or phone do. Although the small form factor may mean it needs to be nearer.

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As Anarchist said, I don’t believe this’ll need direct contact as neither my iPhone or Apple Watch do.

If it did then obviously this’d be a problem that I couldn’t overlook.

Also, London Transport test surfaces for coronavirus monthly (the touch points, handles, ticket machines etc), and has been doing so for three months. They’ve yet to find any evidence of the virus anywhere on the network.

So - payment rings…

May have missed it, but Why ?