Monzo card but in a wristband



I was wondering if there would be demand for a water resistant wristband similar to this:

I know it’s been mentioned in the past, but I wanted to know how popular it would be. My idea is that, in principle, it would be an additional card connected to the main account (the card being an NFC SIM size chip of course)

(Jack) #2


I think this was the latest regarding something like this: BPay type payment band

It’s not a no so who knows, it may well be something for monzo to consider in the future if demand is there :slight_smile:


This is a great idea!

(MikeF) #4

For some, this would be called an Apple Watch… :clown_face:

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If that doesn’t scream steal me what with the bank name written all over it I dunno what does, oh wait I do it’s my water resistant wristband bank payment device:



True but hopefully the payment band would be cheaper than the Apple Watch! And it could be a little more subtle I guess. Although you can always freeze it if someone literally stole it off your wrist. Or we could really commit and have Monzo subdermal implants. :alien:

(Allie) #7

There are already several… Apple Watch and Android Wear watches :slight_smile:


All of the android wear that support google pay are ugly as! I look constantly for any new releases that might look good enough to deserve a place on my wrist ha!

(Allie) #9

I didn’t say they were pretty… Just that they existed :slight_smile:


This is the single, only, thing I get apple envy about. :smiley:


There are so many ways you can pay for things now, which also serve other purposes (phone and watch being 2 very good examples) - Adding a single use product like this just wouldn’t be worth it.

It’s the kind of product I’d expect to see when absolutely everything else is done, and Monzo literally have time on their hands to make wacky stuff.


Well the interesting bit is the waterproofness. For example, you could go to the beach or for a run without your wallet and phone, hence being lighter.


I have not tried tha Santander one but the bPay one I have worn at the beach and in the pool.

(Kenny Grant) #14

On the contrary, I think it’d be really useful, and would be happy to pay the full cost so that it was cost-neutral for Monzo or actually made them money (would be happy to pay a one-off fee of up to about £50).

I think the best approach would be to just provide a monzo tiny card sticker, which can be glued to anything. Lots of banks do this for contactless. That could then be incorporated in different wrist bands designed for it or attached to clothing by customers. Surprised this hasn’t become a standard as yet but a few banks are offering similar things now so it’s probably something they could buy off the shelf from a card maker.


When you take off an Apple Watch it automatically locks and asks for a PIN, so your card is protected in case of theft.


What happens when you lose the thing with the sticker on (or wristband etc)?

Can people still make contactless payments?

Do you have real world examples of where this would benefit you? That’s not supposed to be a dig, but more a question so I can understand why someone would want this (as I can’t think of a regular reason to use this).


If you go to a festival or nightclub it better than carrying cash or a wallet, and if travelling with bags it’s easier than getting a phone out (and perhaps dropping it) while you struggle with your holiday luggage or shopping bags…


Yeah, I can see certain uses for holidays/festivals/swimming.

But for the first 2… Most people would have their phone/wallet anyway, and wearing a special band all day just for that very brief time you need it is more hassle than it’s worth (in my opinion).

I’m not saying people won’t find uses for it - I just don’t think it should be a priority given the amount of other things that could benefit more people.

Just my opinion though :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t be a priority but they are very useful.

(Kenny Grant) #20

Sure, I don’t particularly want a smart watch yet (not compelling too clunky), but contactless payments without carrying a card would be nice. Also holidays, sport, travelling, nights out without phone or smartwatch with me. It’s not a must have but would be a nice differentiator I think.

Priorities for dev are tricky - they depend both on how many customers want it and how easy it is to do.