Carbon! Because everyone likes a nice weave

The current card is bright and does grab peoples attention. But for me it’s mainly older women, check out clarks and children who like the bright card colour. You want men 25-40 to take interest make the next card in carbon fibre black/orange/blue. I have a carbon weave wallet and every man at the pub, club or at the rugby asks where I got it from.

Men 25-45 years old working in the tech/financial sectors are going to be a massive democratic for this kind of bank. Men like carbon.

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Oh, honey. No.


I’m in this demographic… I don’t.

Don’t mind the hot coral in one aspect (i’ll never lose it), but the best looking card at the moment for me… is N26 metal (at least going by google images).

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My laptop’s case is made from carbon fibre. I wish I’d never bought it. The sheer amount of men swarming around me like flies is really annoying when I’m just trying to get coding done.

More seriously, you may wish to chime in on this thread: I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?


I’ve tried, but I can’t work out if this is satire…


I think my satirical response to the, quite frankly, ridiculous gender stereotyping displayed in the opening post was too much for some. So I’ll just refer you all to my previous thoughts on the subject which, rather than flagged, have been uprated 45 times.


46 now

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I think Monzo card colours and designs should have its own subreddit :skull:

Well in saying that I have quite a few carbon fiber rings. In saying that a carbon fiber card? No thanks! It would cost Monzo loads of money to produce the cards and it’s not like it will be harder to loose or misplace it.

It saying that I think hot coral is horrible so we need a alternate card please, for the love of God please!

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Yes! In any case it will be actioned at some point as Monzo realise that not everyone likes hot coral. If you do that’s wonderful but there needs to be a option for the poor people that don’t.

Google believes it should be even more Hot Coral than it already is:




GURL, you trippin’



Why not just have a simple choice option when you sign up or get a replacement card? I’m sure 4/5 designs to pick from would keep the majority happy…

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What do you do with the remaining 1/5 of the card though?!?!?!


Keep it hot coral maybe? :man_shrugging:

You sure it is not 42? That is the answer to life, the universe and everything!