When will Monzo support Apple Pay?

(Henry Pedro) #1

why do people get mad excited/emotional/passionate about Apple Pay.

What is it about Apple Pay that makes people go gaga?


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(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #2

I wouldn’t say I was excited about it, exactly. It’s sometimes convenient for me as I am more likely to have my phone to hand than a card.

I’ve taken to keeping my usual payment card separately in its own holder now, though, so I use Apple Pay less frequently than I used to. It’s handy for contactless payments >£30 but you can’t always be sure it will work in those situations.

On the other hand, when I first started to use it, it did seem a little magical.

(Graham Williamson) #3

I have an Apple Watch. It’s easier for me to touch the reader with my wrist than to dig out my wallet, pull out my card and touch the reader.

Having been down to London for the NFL, I can see why contactless payment with a device that’s on you or in your pocket for travel is much easier than card as well. Less hassle getting through, making sure it goes back in it’s wallet/holder etc

(Mo) #4

I think the main thing is convenience. You always have your phone on you. There have been times I’ve popped out without my wallet and had to buy something, comes in handy to use your phone to pay.


I’m not the kind of person who walks around with a wallet. I don’t see the need. Change can go in one of my 5 pockets and so can 1 debit card. If I actually need to use a credit card, or another debit card, I can easily use Apple Pay to pay with the card I don’t have.

In the end its the convenience of not having to have your bank cards or having to carry a wallet as most people always carry a phone with them.


For me I can’t see the point. With a card it always works, with a phone it relies on your battery not going flat…easy if in an office but not if you are out all day and all evening

(Mark Edmonds) #7

For me it’s just convenience. But I haven’t really missed it since I went full Monzo in August.


That’s one side of the argument. The other side is - my card will never run out of battery but my phone runs low/ out of battery usually, especially towards the end of the day when I’m on my way home!

(Sameer Patel) #9

Because it is incredibly useful, maybe not to you but most people have their phone as the easiest thing to get to and often times, when waiting in the queue to pay you may be holding your phone anyway. Being able to quickly pay without having to fuss around, get your wallet out and find the hot coral card, is a MAJOR advantage and that’s why people make a fuss around it.

It also is getting more and more useful for mobile shopping, many websites and mobile apps (deliveroo, uber) integrate Apple Pay (incluidng Monzo.me) as a method of accepting payment.

(Daniel White) #10

I used to think the same thing… Then I got an iPhone X and a Cellular Apple Watch! Now I’m paying everything I can using my watch (sadly with my Starling account at the moment) although I’m not sure if that’s more because it’s still a novelty over it actually being a better way of doing things.

That being said, I still don’t think it should be prioritised over sorting DDs, Pots functionality, etc that was on the vote thread a few weeks ago like some people have voted.

(James Murray-Ferris) #11

Actually Apple Pay contactless payments are only one part of it as well.

When you go apps like ASOS, Dominos, Monzo topup itself you can just select Apple Pay button and up pops a screen without having to find my card to type in the details to these sites.


If I lose my wallet, I’m not completely stuck as I’ll still have a back up to pay for things.

This can be especially useful for a night out in london seeing as tfl services also work with apple pay.

(Zain Jetha) #13

The fact that it has saved me on more than one occasion when I have forgotten my wallet in the morning, funding almost all of my purchases from morning to evening on one occasion starting with my TfL travel, my breakfast sandwich, my lunch, a cinema ticket, and dinner. I would have otherwise had to starve or borrow money off a coworker, or turn back to retrieve my wallet and then further be late for work.

I am using my debit/credit cards less and less, and frankly these are about to be made defunct by Apple Pay soon…

(Allie) #14

I use Android Pay for most purchases and love it. No digging in my handbag, etc. It’s a huge timesaver!

(Jake MacGregor) #15

I just find it so handy it saves a few seconds every time you wanna buy something… that adds up


Suprised it’s not been mentioned but Apple Pay is hugely secure. Your real card details are masked which stops skimming/ cloning attempts. The fact that you then use a fingerprint to confirm the payment just adds to how secure it is as it then also removes the point of shoulder surfing.

I would put this benefit way ahead of convenience (which it very much is).

Apple Pay is supported by pretty much every high street bank, so to be honest we are now talking about a basic feature that is available through legacy banking.

As an aside, I find awareness of Apple Pay shockingly limited in retail stores, to the extent I no longer bother asking if they accept it and just use my phone. It’s crazy how many people look a) confused and then b) tell you it’s not accepted when Apple Pay will always work on contactless terminals at the very least.

(Adam Reece) #17

Apple Pay is not a fixation, it’s very convenient, especially when used on Apple Watch as I do. It’s great not to have to take my wallet out of my pocket at all, particularly on public transport or while on nights out in busy bars.

(Allie) #19

Do you still use cash for larger transactions? If so, why, if you’re willing to answer? I’m just always interested in what drives spending behaviour.

(Allie) #21

Thankfully, that’s almost nowhere in the UK now :slight_smile:

Ah, the way you worded it implied you don’t use Apple Pay for large transactions because you used it instead of cash only for small transactions :slight_smile: My apologies for misunderstanding!

(Frank) #22

For me it is pure convenience. And it’s only Apple Pay because I have an iPhone. If I had an android then I would feel the same of android pay. Again it’s about the convenience both with shops, so I don’t need my wallet all the time, and digitally so I don’t need to store or enter my card details on a site by site basis.