BPay type payment band


It would also be good to stick on the back of the Samsung Gear watch as a stopgap measure to enable contactless payments until Monzo get around to their Samsung Pay launch!


Please see BPay type payment band

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Just found the other thread! Had searched with a different spelling!

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@Goose, :hot_coral_heart: the beach use case! Same applies for running and cycling too.

I fear smart watch integration via Android and Apple pay might serve the same purpose though. I loved the design of the first Jawbone UP, no display, just a rubberised band.


To be Honest I work for a consultancy that works to help banks with strategy to be the bank of the future . But they are caught with legacy architecture and appealing to a legacy customer base used to banking in a tradioanal way . Which monzo isn’t . You might think this is not a priority but it could be a game changer for your adoption as it’s a value add when incorporated with your app. If you want to take this convo private I’m happy to have a chat . What you have is great and already and I can the direction you are traveling is towards to be a disruptor.

(Andy Spruce) #26

With the bpay band the only physical in use problem I have found is that the staff wait until they see a card or cash before they activate the card machine, so you ask if it’s ok to pay contactless. Then you reach over the machine to touch the band and they think you are trying to grab it! But usually when they get over the puzzlement they are impressed…

(Keri) #27

I had one of these key rings. Worked really well if I had my keys and not my wallet. Only downside was that I didn’t really use it enough to justify an amount of money sitting on it. This was a while ago though and since most places have gone contactless. Where I used to live only one shop had it so wasn’t really worthwhile!

Would love for Monzo to do something like that. And would be happy to pay for it.


Are they actually that much more expensive?

From what I’ve seen bPay devices take a SIM size/form factor contactless card inside them which acts as the card. I’d be curious to know whether this form-factor is significantly more expensive?

Would also be interesting to see how Monzo could incorporate separate card numbers/cards in the app like Revolut do. The only actual bank I’ve seen do this is ICBC as they add Apple Pay cards as separate cards within the app to independently freeze etc.

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PLEASE do this Monzo! I’ve started using BPay (I’ve got the watch attachment, which is pretty unnoticeable if you have a black watch strap) and it is so useful. I really like not having to get my card or phone out when using public transport (safety and convenience wise) BUT the BPay interface is pretty awful and I would love to just use Monzo, which has a fantastic interface and features…


How much would people be willing to pay for this?



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I would love a Monzo version of BPay tag/ band whatever


I would expect monzo to create a base strap and removable chip for around 20 . Custom band like leather and funky designed could easily by made by a budding jewellery maker on her . Keeping it in the community.


Like bPay but waterproof…

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Also looks like bPay are jumping on the Hot Coral

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Or even better, something like the Kerv Ring, contactless payment ring… I would be more than happy to pay for a monzo version.!


(Ben) #37

Interesting - a bit fancier looking than the bpay thing.

Although at £100 a pop, quite a pricetag!

I do love the idea of all these different form factors for wearable payment options, would love to see what other fintechs pop up in this space.

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£100 a pop every 4 years (+ £5 annual maintenance fee)

Or £2.20+ a month if they went to a subscription based model

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Hi Team :wave: .

For those familiar with BPAY by Barclays, they offer what is essentially a contactless chip that can be slotted into a watch fob holder which allows contactless payments from your wrists.

They also offer bangle fobs, keychain fobs and phone stickers that allow for contactless paymenta


Just curious as to what monzo users thoughts are around this type of device and if people would even use something like this. I personally use my BPAY every day for public transport and lunch purchases, a smartest he without the battery issues :rofl::joy:.

Go! :vertical_traffic_light::grin:

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