Better notification control

There are notifications that I simply don’t want. They are not of use to me and yet, there is no way to prevent them without disabling notifications entirely.

Your money is waiting for you…
You’re X weeks through the month, let’s see how you’re doing…

I’m sure these are useful if you’re on a fixed salary and budgeting accordingly, but I’m not. My income and expenses change every month and I don’t enjoy being able to spend money as soon as it arrives.

I find these notifications frustrating and have done for years. I’ve raised it several times over the years, but it’s never gone anywhere. I’d be over the moon if I could switch these unnecessary and pointless reminders.

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There’s loads of these threads if you have a search, none of them are popular

There’s more granular controls if you’re unfortunate enough to have an Android phone.

I think the ones you mention are advertising etc and can be turned off completely.


Thanks. I was on android until a few months ago. Couldn’t find a way to shut them off on there and can’t on iOS either!

It’s surely a basic app requirement that it only bugs you when you want it to? Particularly when I pay for a service.

You paying has absolutely zero impact.

There are notification controls and there is barely any interest in more granular options, so any changes are unlikely.

You can turn off some of them in your Monzo account → Settings → notifications, I have them all off except “Transactions and Payments” plus the Cashback offers

If you really don’t want them, go into settings on IOS - notifications and disable Monzo entirely

And then I lose notifications for payments into and out of the account.

I’m not sure limiting notifications to ONLY account activity is actually an odd request? Every app these days seems programmed to scream for your attention, it’s kind of disappointing that Monzo is no different - it should be serving my needs, not demanding my attention like a toddler.

Maybe I’m in the minority though and most people are happy for their phone to ping or flash at them all day long.