Payments Received Push Notifications

I would really like to be able to customise the option to see notifications of payments received only.

I know we can currently have notifications on for all payments, I dont need to see what’s going out, but I am freelancer, and am often waiting for payments at irregular times, so it would be really helpful to be notified of when those payments have come in.

I believe android phones can do this?

But iPhone is an all or nothing :sweat_smile:

Android can, iOS can’t.


On Android in settings find the app and then in notifications you should be able to granularly choose what you want.

Oh, my, I had no idea, it was all in the Android setting!

Well, I feel like a bit of a prune for not investigating that far, but happy I’ve now discovered it.

Thanks all, all well that ends well!!


Glad you’ve managed to get this resolved :raised_hands:t3::partying_face:


:android: FTW

Ignoring :monzo: search, in which case :apple: FTW

:parrot:y™ again, sigh.